MPA-2 Microphone Preamplifier

The MPA-2 Microphone Preamplifier is our flagship product. It is a 2 channel unit with a full featured front panel. The MPA-2 has a full 70dB of gain with a digital control. Each gain step is 2dB. Front panel options are 48V phantom, LoZ input mode, Polarity flip, 20dB Pad, and a channel mute. The gain is adjusted using a rotary encoder with the gain displayed on a dual 7 segment LED display. All front panel functions are handled by an 8 bit micro-controller. There is set up recall in the event power is lost. The front panel will power up with the last known settings. The MPA-2 is a fully discrete unit operating in full Class A mode. A transformer coupled input and a DC coupled output make the MPA-2 a very robust unit. Each channel is completely separate. There are separate DC regulators for the analog audio, separate regulators for the servos and multiplexers on each board, and a separate regulator for the logic in the main power supply. The front panel also has it's own set of regulators for metering and control.

The MPA-2 has a 2 stage input section and a mirror pair of line amps for the inverting and non inverting outputs. Gain is adjusted with analog multiplexers for a transparent signal path. Housed in a 3.5" x 19" steel chassis and aluminum front panel.

Download the MPA-2 product brochure.

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